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To request a quote, Email   or call the laboratory at 042-37334448

Bottle Order

Clients can request sample containers from the laboratory by filling up the bottle request form or you can directly e-mail your project manager to request for bottles and have them fill up the form for you.



Sampling Instructions

Sampling Guidelines

  1. Always use proper sampling containers, preservatives and provide enough sample for analysis. Click herefor a list of proper sampling containers, preservatives and minimum volume of sample per test.
  2. Samples must be sent to the laboratory before holding time expires. The following are the tests with short holding time: pH – 15 min, Nitrate, Nitrite, O-Phosphate, BOD, MBAS, Turbidity, Settleable Solids – 48 hrs. For a complete list of holding time information, click here.
  3. Aqueous samples for volatiles should be collected on 40 mL VOA vial with zero headspace or bubble if present should not be greater than 5 mm.


Shipping Instructions


There are several ways you can send samples to the laboratory:

  1. Request for sample pick-up by calling the laboratory at 042-37334448
  2. If you are sampling around the area of the laboratory, you can also drop off samples personally at the laboratory. WELCOS is located at 29 D, Punjab University Town ll, Khayban-e-Jinnah, Lahore Pakistan
  3. Send samples to the laboratory using commercial courier like TCS or Leopards. Put samples in a cooler that will maintain temperature at 6 °C without freezing the samples. Make sure to use overnight service.